Design Engineered Solutions

Great design starts with a great a team of craftsmen who understand the challenges of building solutions, from concept to fabrication.

Key to Success

Experience & Expertise

Design Engineering knows that integrity is essential, through Design Thinking, Value Engineering and facilitation of the building process we can ensure the design intent and budgets are aligned.


Years in Design & Build


Materials Explored


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Execute Your Idea

We view design as collaborative problem solving, knowing that creativity and integrity is essential in the execution of an idea. We understand the approach of observing, empathizing and the creating of “What could be.” Combining the visual and tangible aspects, we approach challenges though Design Engineering to provide the design intent with the optimum environmental solution.


Endless Possibilities

Design Ideation, Design Engineering, Design Thinking Process, Materials Knowledge & Specification, Build & Fabrication Process


Aluminum, Steel Fabrication, Custom Decorative Metal Work, Welded or Mechanical Fitting

Metal Strength and Splendor

We offer Strength, Stability and Support by infusing metal sheets, panels and framework to any structure that can blend and balance any desired application and section. 

Stretch your Imagination

Fabric presents a versatile layer of material with a diverse range of applications, stretched, printed, pleated or draped. We can specify a brand personality and presence to any environment.


Printed Graphics, Custom Colors or Patterns, Digital Layout & Color Matching, Fabric or Rigid Sub-straight Printing


Sound and Noise Absorbing, Custom Printed Textures & Patterns Wall, Personal Privacy, Ceiling, Hanging Applications

Breakthrough the Noise

QuietCORR acoustical panels reduce unwanted noise, with a solid color core. It delivers performance and beauty with smart design solution for any application.

Color by Numbers

Large format printing provides seamless beautiful images on multiple mediums such as fabrics, acoustic panels and ridged sub-straights to deliver deep rich colors to enhance any experience.

Graphics & Printing

Printed Graphics, Custom Colors or Patterns, Digital Layout & Color Matching, Fabric or Rigid Sub-straight Printing

Searching for Answers?

It all starts with your design ideas. We can help bring your design to life whether you need support in the design or fabrication stage.  Let us help build your game plan.

Chicago & Los Angeles


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