PROJECT PLAYBOOK -Chapter 1 - GO Directly to GO

As companies emerge from the 2020 experience, the hiring model’s crystal ball will look very murky. When typical hiring models have been in place for years (maybe decades) the creation of unique and viable solutions will be a requirement in order to engage with the talent shift coming into the work force. Emerging technologies, focused platforms and software programs have easily commoditized an artisan’s talents and made quick program learning readably available to everyone, changing novices into professionals at a seemingly rapid pace.

The Audible - Play #1 - Calling "The Audible"

Ok. Let’s have an open discussion about project management. Seriously. What drives you crazy the most? For me, it all starts at “Hello.”

“Why didn’t you say that in the beginning?”

No matter how diligent I am in discovering the relevant facts, information, processes, budgets, timelines, cast of characters and everything else, there will always be something that comes up that causes a slight pause in the project.

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