"It's All in the Details"

Pages from my playbook,

Throughout my career I have had the privilege of working with many talented and diverse individuals, all with varying personalities and managing types who helped me develop my own managing style. A variety of unique situations occurred that taught me numerus lessons on how to react and manage through these tough decisions. Each circumstance I had added another page to my playbook. I’m sharing my experiences to hopefully provide another perspective, should anyone encounter the same challenges.   

Over the years I have worked through the ranks of several Architectural firms, Design studios, Exhibit and Event companies. I held positions from Engineering, Design, Project Management to GM, EVP and President. Throughout my experience each challenge and obstacle I faced required a unique resolution. In these articles I will share my perspectives and solutions that worked for me.  

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Excerpts from Project PLAYBOOK

Chapter 1 - GO Directly to GO

As companies emerge from the 2020 experience, the hiring model’s crystal ball will look very murky. When typical hiring models have been in place for years (maybe decades) the creation of unique and viable solutions will be a requirement in order to engage with the talent shift coming into the work force. Emerging technologies, focused platforms and software programs have easily commoditized an artisan’s talents and made quick program learning readably available to everyone, changing novices into professionals at a seemingly rapid pace.

Chapter 2 - Dynamic Duo

It’s interesting, when you look-up the definition of a “Manager” the words such as controlling, supervisor, administer and boss are first in the description for that title. However, when you look-up the definition of a “Coach,” words like trainer, instructor, teacher and mentor are at the forefront of the description for that title.

The words used to describe these two titles of Manager and Coach are accurate and true meanings for each word as they are described as very different positions. Nevertheless, as a Manager, if you only follow the definition as described, you may find yourself and your people frustrated and unproductive.