Dynamic Duo

Manage Your Coach

It’s interesting, when you look-up the definition of a “Manager” the words such as controlling, supervisor, administer and boss are first in the description for that title. However, when you look-up the definition of a “Coach,” words like trainer, instructor, teacher and mentor are at the forefront of the description for that title.

The words used to describe these two titles of Manager and Coach are accurate and true meanings for each word as they are described as very different positions. Nevertheless, as a Manager, if you only follow the definition as described, you may find yourself and your people frustrated and unproductive. This makes me think that there is a big disconnect in the definition of what is really required to be a “great” Manager.

You should apply the philosophy and mindset from both roles of a Manager and that of a Coach to unlock and leverage your internal “Dynamic Duo.” Combining the Manager disciplines (controlling, supervisor, administer) with the Coach characteristics (trainer, instructor, teacher) will help you become a more holistic leader and provider for growth.

Managing people is not easy, it can be challenging, exhausting and frustrating but it can also be extremely enlightening, enjoyable and rewarding. The outcome all depends on how you lead them and what you put back into them. Your team’s success and failure is a reflection of your ability to manage. If you believe this