Go Directly to GO

Go Directly to GO

As companies emerge from the 2020 experience, the hiring model’s crystal ball will look very murky. When typical hiring models have been in place for years (maybe decades) the creation of unique and viable solutions will be a requirement in order to engage with the talent shift coming into the work force. Emerging technologies, focused platforms and software programs have easily commoditized an artisan’s talents and made quick program learning readably available to everyone, changing novices into professionals at a seemingly rapid pace. Architecture, Design, Graphic Arts, Engineering and Marketing are just a few of the industries affected by this tailored explosion of software experts. 

Design + Technology

Getting Technical

The landscape is now filled with technical “professionals” that have developed the understanding to control various multifaceted programs. Equipped with their technology knowledge and enhanced computer fire power, they are poised to be catapulted into the professional frontline, and you’re just as excited to send them directly to go… but not so fast.  As much as you feel their resume awards them a solo engagement, you may want to consider teaming them up with a seasoned industry veteran first. It will take more than a job description and a company handbook to enlighten them on your customer expectations and your “unique” industry standards, along with education on proven success tactics. Understanding their level of industry knowledge (beyond their Technical skillsets) is the first step, this is the starting point before sending them unaccompanied.

Leveraging Your Knowledge Capital

At this point, providing them exposure to an industry expert that can offer perspectives and intelligence from “real world” experiences, presenting observations and obstacles that were not taught in school or program learning will be critical as this exposure will greatly enhance their credibility. 

Creating an infrastructure that blends new “Tech” artisan open thinking with the experienced seasoned professional will combine the dynamic fresh talent and ideas with valuable tested industry insight and knowledge. You will need to choose this partnership wisely as they will significantly impact each other’s potential for success. The intent is not to create an over-powering knowledge perspective from one side or the other, it is to offer credible and sourced scenarios that will teach and influence creating the understanding of “how” or “why” which will in turn courier the correct solution.


Advance with Confidence

Combining the strength and ideation of these two individuals will yield great opportunities for the employees and your company’s ability to rapidly embrace change required for today’s growth. Applying this action will open their dialog and influence various perspectives to deliver amazing collective action, collaborative thinking, and unique proven solutions. This partnership provides the fire power to maneuver through industry questions and tackle the scenarios to streamline their effectiveness and have them armed and ready to “go directly to go.”


Next- How to manage this newly created dynamic duo.

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