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Calling “The Audible”

Ok. Let’s have an open discussion about project management. Seriously. What drives you crazy the most? For me, it all starts at “Hello.”

“Why didn’t you say that in the beginning?”

No matter how diligent I am in discovering the relevant facts, information, processes, budgets, timelines, cast of characters and everything else, there will always be something that comes up that causes a slight pause in the project. After a series of project related questions, I follow-up with an open-ended question, “Is there anything else I should know before we get started?” And typically, the response is, “I think that is all.”

“Is it really “unexpected” if you’re expecting it?” 

With that said, I always make room for concessions in order to be ready for a change or two. Not only do I expect to be surprised, I create different scenarios that could surface. This helps me be prepared for the unexpected. Having this mindset on projects really adds value to the experience. It allows me to be agile and be ready to offer solutions. Turning the “unexpected” to an expected solution delivers satisfaction to the client and project. This change of plans is what I call, “The Audible.” It is a decision many of us find ourselves making in order to overcome challenges and take the project to the finish line.

“Wow. You made it look so easy.”

Making your clients happy and satisfied is always the desired outcome. I hope this channel, “The Audible,” will help in your pursuit of  personal and professional goals. I am excited to open this world to you through personal stories and direct interviews with design professionals that have accomplished many great things. They make it look easy. I’m sure it wasn’t. I can’t wait to discover and share their keys to success to help you call your audibles. 

Your Perspective

I would love to learn more from you and hear about your successes. Please feel free to contact me and share your responses. You might be featured in an upcoming story.1) What project management challenges drive you crazy? 2) What areas of the project do you wish you had more control of? 3) What audibles have you called that led to successful outcomes?

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